The Laundry Stripper – 1.5 kg bag


The Laundry Stripper brings the whole party!

  • 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
  • Made is Canada
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable Ingredients
  • So Satisfying!



The Laundry Stripper brings the whole party! It whitens whites and it’s got your colours covered too. Make your world bright again!


How to use

Step 1
Fill your tub, sink, bucket, or bowl with hot water.

Step 2
Pour in the Laundry Stripping powder with with 1-2 cups powder for a full tub. For sink, 1/2 cup, for Bucket 1/4 cup.

Step 3
Let that shit soak! Leave your items soaking for 1-4 hours.

Step 4
Drain out your water holding vessel. Wring the water from your fabrics.

Step 5
Throw your wet laundry stripped items into your washing machine. Turn that baby on and let it do its job. Do not add detergent or additional Laundry Stripper into the wash. Totally not necessary.

Step 6
Take items from washer and put into dryer, or if you hang dry…do your thang!

Step 7
Take items from dryer and put into basket…where they will sit for 5-7 days until you decide to fold them. Oh wait, is that just me?? Ok, then fold it, you overachiever!


Sodium carbonate (Soda Ash) Mineral
Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate (Surfactant) Plant (coconut derived)
Sodium Bi-Carbonate Mineral
Sodium Borate Decahydrate Mineral
Limonene Plant (citrus fruit peels)

Is a Sulfonate the same thing as a Sulfate? Heck no! Sulfonate is most commonly used in body/hair care products that are sulfate free. Due to its ability to remove grease and dirt without being damaging to your skin, hair, or the environment. Sulfonate is biodegradable.

2 reviews for The Laundry Stripper – 1.5 kg bag

  1. Robbie Hogan

    This is a game changer , gets your clothes actually clean

  2. Jen

    I’ve tried so many methods to get my husbands work clothes clean and nothing has worked like this laundry stripper. I added it to my front load machine and after the clothes were saturated with it I paused my machine and let them soak for a bit. I did three extra rinses and not only were the clothes clean my machine was spotless and lemony fresh!!! Don’t hesitate…just try it! I have since continued to add 1 Tablespoon along with half the amount of my eco detergent to keep his clothes fresh. I will be purchasing again. It’s awesome!!

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